SPECTAR - The special combat tactical response is an integrated combat system, that includes the whole range of combat preparation and training. It is a combat system created by professionals in the field of martial arts, special military and police operations as well as executive protection ... SPECTAR is not a sport!

  • It involves an intensive physical and psychological training and preparation for combat, so that you are able to respond flexibly to any situation in the right way.
  • Highly specialized training not only for the armed and executive protection professionals, but also for ordinary people - taking into account all the specifics and differences of procedures and situations in which you may find yourself.

It does not matter if you are a professional martial arts warrior, kickboxer, MMA fighter ... or you are just a complete beginner ... SPECTAR training will provide you with the structural framework appropriate to your combat skills, that you can use in extreme stress, (under the pressure that is present in a real fight) specific environments, various situations and time schedules. Survive and win is not about style ... but about what you can do in reality!