Branimir "Branco" Šegvič - Master Spectar Academy instructor
- martial arts master and founder of SPECTAR - Special Combat Tactical Response.
- former military special forces unit
- studied political science
- spent several years working in diplomatic services (USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Indonesia)
- graduate of many specialized courses
- a professional martial arts instructor - both with and without weapons (including firearms), Certified Instructor of Shooting and Tactics
- certified PSD, EPS, Special Forces Instructor
- conducts specialized tactical courses, defensive tactics courses, CQB training integration, teaches police and military operations, maritime security operations and executive protection
- the author of many instructional books and articles on martial arts, weapons use, modern piracy and terrorism

Robert - (CEO) Spectar Academy
- martial arts master, shooting instructor, Certified Executive Protection Specialist, Special Forces Combatives Instructor, Close Protection Instructor
- graduate of many specialized courses
- professional martial arts instructor - with or without a weapon
- conducts specialized courses of executive protection, tactics, special police and military operations, CQB
- performs as executive protection specialist at home and abroad

Maco - former member of the UOU PZ (counter-terrorist unit - also known as Lynx commando)
- graduate of many specialized courses
- worked in Iraq as a member of the protection of the embassy of the SR in Baghdad and as the personal bodyguard of the Slovak ambassador in Iraq
- instructor of self-defense, shooting, tactics, executive protection instructor
- co-founder and the head of protection team for the owner of multinational companies

Lubos - Regional Representative (United Kingdom)

Mickey - former member of the of military special operations unit (Serbia)
- deployed in combat operations during the war in Kosovo
- specialist in diverse operations, scouting and surveillance
- martial arts instructor
- a certified executive protection specialist, has taken part in many high risk operations in war zones

Rasko - K-9 instructor / coach
- martial arts instructor, certified fitness coach
- certified executive protection specialist